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I have autism please don't talk to me unless I start the conversation

Also I am on a mission to get all the blue traptur morphing potions and tako nigiri I can get my slimy hands on so I'm always willing to take those off your hands.

But other than that, you are not allowed to get me gifts. If you give me a gift, I will promptly sell it, decline it or stuff it in my storage to be forgotten. Nothing personal, I hate getting gifts due to how guilty and indebted it makes me feel. Unless it's for my birthday. I am open to birthday gifts.

Also funder of the Mythical Lugra. I love marine biology. And gastropods. Have you ever seen a Clione? They're adorable.

All my pets are UFA (except the ones whose names end in -xii)! Just ask and you can adopt them if you promise not to abandon.

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