• Username: Nytes
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  • Age: 27

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Uh. Hiya! I guess I should fill this out, huh?

I'm Nytes or Shaelyn. I've been on icepets for quite awhile, but I had gone through a looong hiatus. (Okay, okay I forgot about this site!)

I don't think I'm that interesting. If you want to talk just message me. ^^;

Things I enjoy:
- Teen Titans
- Gen: Lock
- Pet sites
- Soccer
- Eating
- Sleeping
- Video games
- Writing

Personal Goals:
1,000,000 IP [[yes]]
Fill out Aven's closet [[no]]
Turn Weiss into Baby Xephyr or Angelic Jakrit [[yes]] THANK YOU TETSAM.
Get a Halloween Zabeu OR Ancient Zabeu [[no]]
Get more Pet Slots [[no]]
Make Velyrn a Baby [[yes]] THANK YOU MISTERCHIA. <3

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