ErenYeager's Profile

  • Owner:
  • Species: Dabu
  • Colour: Cottoncandy
  • Birthday: August 05, 2017

ErenYeager's Statistics

Hunger: Dying
Mood: Lonely
Health: 5/5
5/5 (100%)
Books Read:
297/302 (98.34%)
Beauty Used:
553/590 (93.73%)
Plushies Collected:
660/0 (INF%)
Colours Collected:
552/552 (100%)

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missing beauty 
[updated 1/19/2020]

2015 top hat
cherry blossom flower crown
chocolate lovers spare dentures
christmas eye shadow
colourful kandi bracelets
cucumber facial mask
devil horns
dreamworld pajamas
eccentric suit
emotionless mask
fireworks dress
garlic earrings
gold neckpiece
incense burner
itchy christmas sweater
jinglebell earrings
magical sailor costume
masked drama costume
mistletoe hat
new years beanie
new years necklace
new years sunnies
novyn ghost costume
party ridix feather boa
plumber brother costume
royal fur cape
samuels hat
samuels shirt
simulation emerald
thinking cap
toon costume
trido ghost costume
turkey beak
wulfer ghost costume
yellow rainboots
yellow raincoat

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missing plushies
[updated 2/2/2020]

autumn dabu plush
black cat plushie
bonsai plushie
cake plushie
champagne plush
christmas ridix plush
christmas xephyr plush
chubby makoat plushie
colour festival wulfer plush
cuddly barn owl plushie
cuddly chicken plushie
cuddly crow plushie
cuddly dragon plushie
cuddly fennec fox plushie
cuddly hare plushie
cuddly jackalope plushie
cuddly mouse plushie
cuddly plesiosaur plushie
cuddly pterodactyl plushie
cuddly sheep plushie
gemstone novyn plush
gift wrapped ori plush
industrial cobron plush
industrial xephyr plush
mrs clause plushie
mythical snow jar plushie
new years eve rocket plushie
plushie makoat plushie
present plush
pride plushie
reading black bear plushie
ready for school zabeu plush
roosting bird plushies
sleeping baby sharshel plush
space wulfer plush
sun plush
witch plushie

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missing books 
[updated 12/30/2019]

a raver's dream
cheat sheets
ducky tales
firework festivities
the birds and the bees

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missing colors
[updated 1/19/2019]

audril - n/a
cobron - n/a
dabu - n/a
dovu - n/a
jakrit - n/a
krittle - n/a
lugra - n/a
makoat - n/a
novyn - n/a
ori - n/a
ridix - n/a
sharshel - n/a
traptur - n/a
trido - n/a
wulfer - n/a
xephyr - n/a
zabeu - n/a