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🎊 🎉 🎊
hey , i'm armin !
i like virtual pet sites and the lemon emoji is my favorite .
i'm the head artist for icepets !
if you ever have any questions about icepets , i'm always happy to help !

note - apologies if i can't response to messages right away , i'll always try my best to answer in a timely manner !
🎊 🎉 🎊

my blue tongue skink , ollie ! 🦎

[ wishlist ]

any missing ice cubes , stamps or gourmet items from my collection
any missing plushies , books , beauty and colors for erenyeager [link]https://www.icepets.com/petprofile.php?view_id=43172(click for list !)
any missing colors for all my other pets' chosen species (check their profiles for missing colors !)

[ misc goals ]

complete all pet collections and colors for erenyeager
unlock every color for all my pets' chosen species
draw a little image for each of my pets' profiles

[ missing krittle / lugra / figurine / trading card gallery items ][/b

plushie lugra plushie

champion figurine
fairy wulfer figurine
fire trido figurine
flying xephyr figurine
party cobron figurine
pinata sharshel figurine
pirate dovu figurine
space ridix figurine
tech traptur figurine
woodland ori figurine

winner trading card

i'm currently hoarding any and all krittle + lugra related items !
any donations are greatly appreciated ! 💞

[ my sotm & items i've funded ! ]

  • Catch Bronze Catch Bronze x3
  • Catch Silver Catch Silver x10
  • Catch Gold Catch Gold x10
  • Grooming Bronze Grooming Bronze
  • Book Reading Bronze Book Reading Bronze
  • Survivor Bronze Survivor Bronze x7
  • Survivor Silver Survivor Silver x8
  • Jar Match Bronze Jar Match Bronze x3
  • Jar Match Silver Jar Match Silver x3
  • Jar Match Gold Jar Match Gold x20
  • Red Vs Blue Bronze Red Vs Blue Bronze x6
  • Red Vs Blue Silver Red Vs Blue Silver x2
  • Ice Snake Bronze Ice Snake Bronze x6
  • Ice Snake Silver Ice Snake Silver x6
  • Ice Snake Gold Ice Snake Gold x5
  • Ice Breaker Bronze Ice Breaker Bronze x4
  • 100 Posts Trophy 100 Posts Trophy
  • Dragon Statue: Level 4 Dragon Statue: Level 4
  • Account Upgrade! Account Upgrade! x30
  • Cecie's Disappearance Cecie's Disappearance
  • Coined Gold Coined Gold
  • Coined Silver Coined Silver x2
  • Gold Love Competitor Gold Love Competitor
  • Sharshel Says Gold Sharshel Says Gold x7
  • Sharshel Says Silver Sharshel Says Silver
  • Sharshel Says Bronze Sharshel Says Bronze
  • Aterum Restocker 5 Aterum Restocker 5
  • Silver Trivia Solver Silver Trivia Solver
  • Silver Scratchcards Winner Silver Scratchcards Winner
  • Gold Scratchcards Winner Gold Scratchcards Winner
  • Bronze Team Trido Bronze Team Trido
  • Gold Team Dovu Gold Team Dovu
  • Item Requester Item Requester x16
  • Item Bundle Requester Item Bundle Requester x3
  • Titanium Weapon Quest 4 Titanium Weapon Quest 4
  • Titanium Space Quest 5 Titanium Space Quest 5
  • Crystal Candy Quest 1 Crystal Candy Quest 1
  • Titanium Plushie Quest 5 Titanium Plushie Quest 5
  • Titanium Snowman Quest 4 Titanium Snowman Quest 4
  • Honoured Member Honoured Member
  • Gold Trickster 2017 Gold Trickster 2017
  • Platinum Daily Bonus Platinum Daily Bonus
  • Ice Yearly Bonus Ice Yearly Bonus x2
  • Gold Quest Contest 2018 Gold Quest Contest 2018
  • Gold Book Quest 3 Gold Book Quest 3
  • Lugra Discovery Participant Lugra Discovery Participant
  • Holiday Gift Granter Holiday Gift Granter x14
  • Gold Contestant Gold Contestant
  • Amourok 2019 Winner Amourok 2019 Winner
  • Gold Crystal Competitor Gold Crystal Competitor
  • Collector Search Participant Collector Search Participant