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My name is Paulo and I am a Portuguese fellow at the age of 26, with a majour in Geography and minour in Tourism. I was recently promoted in my workplace and now am the head of reception in a boutique hostel in Lisbon, Portugal. I also play the Pokémon TCG and have some degree of success in international competitions. I am an Editor here on IcePets so some of the text descriptions and book texts you will find on-site are written by me.

My three passions in life are travelling, music and writing. I have been to almost every country in Europe but want to extend my horizons and eventually go to every continent. My favourite bands range from my metal side (Chevelle, Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin, System of a Down), to classic hard rock (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Rush) and alternative/hard rock (Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, Foo Fighters, Muse, Radiohead). I'm planning to write a book or series thereof in my native language. Still looking for the right theme and from there develop some sort of fictional universe. Who knows where I'll get my inspiration from? :)

Cola is addicting, but bad for you. Polvo à Lagareiro, however, is super cash. Stay sharp folks.


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- Stamps I don't own yet;
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- Scarab Amulet.

Pretty much that ;)


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