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All my IcePets are rescues from the adoption centre, starting with Ruani. I'm a writer and I love both writing and reading. The book items on IcePets are like my favourite thing ever, and I am determined to find and read them all. I also love science and have a medical education, but we won't talk about that. My best score at Sharshel Says was 94550. That was 31 rounds!

I love collecting and am actively working all of them - the wishlist on Ruani's profile lists what I still need. As I have a particular love for Novyns, I've dedicated a section of my gallery to all Novyn-related items. I also have a gallery called Pride, for rainbow items, another for everything space-related, plus a hoard of Polka Dot Rainboots for a rainy day. The rare items I have for trade are in a gallery section; spare MPs and SJs are in my shop.
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I mainly write adult science fiction and fantasy novels, usually with LGBTQ leads, strong women, and disability representation. I'm also very interested in game writing, editing and slush reading, and flash fiction (super-short stories). Right now, I have two finished novels being shopped around to publishers, and more always in the works. If you're curious what my novels are actually about, I've put the pitches on Kikuri's profile.
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For a complete list of the IcePets Books written by me, see Oberin's profile page.
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IcePets Serials Links
Episodically written stories available on the forums! Comment to subscribe. I know I haven't updated this in aaaages, but I do have my plot planned out and I promise I will get back to it one of these days!

- [link]https://www.icepets.com/newboards/viewposts.php?topic=37016&p=1The Melted Statue


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