Coastie's Profile

  • Owner:
  • Species: Zabeu
  • Colour: Christmas
  • Birthday: July 26, 2015

Coastie's Statistics

Hunger: Dying
Mood: Lonely
Health: 5/5
5/5 (100%)
Books Read:
216/302 (71.52%)
Beauty Used:
445/590 (75.42%)
Plushies Collected:
597/0 (INF%)
Colours Collected:
549/552 (99.46%)

FINALLY!!!  Coastie is a much awaited Zabeu <3

Beauty King: "Happy Halloween!" Coastie: I love my new colour!

Space Snow Jar was used on Coastie.  I can't begin to thank you enough Irissa!!!!  Not one, but two dream pets on the same day!  I've been smiling ever since this morning ^.^ 

Woodland Ori Morphing Potion was used on Coastie   Thank you SomeoneSuzie ^.^

Coastie changes through as several different colours/species to help me unlock a few more avvies.

You and your pet baked the following muffin:

Frozen Chocolate Muffin

(It was added to your inventory)

You used a Painters Palette on Coastie

Coastie: "You are the best owner ever!"

Coastie feels more beautiful
Unique Beauty Items Used: 145/283
Total Beauty Items Used: 147

You unlocked the following avatar.. Star Bright .. you can now use this avatar on the boards! You used a Sparkly Glitter on Coastie Coastie: "I love being beautiful!"

Coastie's closet completed on 4/2/16

Total Pet Colors unlocked

#Pet NameOwnerColors 1 Coastie CoastPony 456


You used a Magical Sailor Costume on Coastie

Dreamworld Snow Jar

Dreamworld Snow Jar was used on Coastie

Evil Snow Jar

Evil Snow Jar was used on Coastie

You opened the Cuddly Capsule and received the following items:

Cuddly Barn Owl Plushie

Hourglass Necklace

Category: Beauty
Value: 8463 iP
Rarity: Special Event

The power of time manipulation is in your hands! What will you do with it? Witness the origin of Ancient Pets? See the Dragon Statue getting carved? Oh, give yourself a homework extension? I guess that works too.

Fairy Snow Jar

Fairy Snow Jar was used on Coastie[/im

Magical Strawberry Swirl Plushie

You gave a Magical Strawberry Swirl Plushie to Coastie to add to their collection.

Coastie: "It's so soft! Thank you very much."

Coastie adds another Plushie to their collection.
Unique Plushies Collected: 592/676
Total Plushies Collected: 596

Magical Strawberry Swirl Plushie was removed from your inventory.g]