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Hi, I'm Jeannette!

Wanted Profile Skins

Rainbow Profile Skin, Love vs Evil Profile Skin

Books Needed:
*updated January 29/18
A Ravers Dream
Book on Black Holes
Bring the Stars to You
Charred Dragon Scale Texts
Cheat Sheets
Clockwork Critters
Egg Mishap
Firework Festivities
Guide to Gift Wrapping
Gummy Dabus
Holiday Crackers
How to Break a Heart
How to Talk Like a Pirate
Hygiene Helps
Make a Wish
Royal Etiquette
Strut Your Stuff
Team Blue Audril Book
Team Yellow Sharshel Book
The Abandoned Candy Factory
The Incandescent Butterfly
Uncovering the Truth
Useless Trivia
Workout Like a Trido

Beauty Items Needed:
*updated January 20/18
Angelic Wulfer Hat
Audril Ghost Costume
Baby Shoes
Big Grin Mask
Broken Heart Cufflinks
Camouflage Face Paint
Candy Necklace
Cherry Blossom Flower Crown
Cobron Claw Slippers
Cobron Ghost Costume
Cucumber Facial Mask
Cupcake Earrings
Dabu Ghost Costume
Dabu Paw Slippers
Deadly Poison Rose Bracelet
Devil Horns
Diamond Egg Necklace
Dovu Ghost Costume
Dreamworld Lone Sock
Dreamworld Pajamas
Embellished Crook
Evil Friendship Necklace
Exploding Top Hat
Fake Fur Coat
Firework Earrings
Garlic and Crucifix Earrings
Gold Headpiece
Gold Neckpiece
Green Wulfer Hat
Head Sweatband
Holiday Swimsuit
Incense Burner
Jakrit Ghost Costume
Kandi Bracelets
Krittle Soap
Lapis Lazuli Ring
Liquid Eyeliner
Love Friendship Necklace
Love Ori Hat
Lovely Straw Hat
Makoat Ghost Costume
Masked Drama Costume
Menacing Monster Comb
New Years Beanie
New Years Necklace
New Years Sunnies
Night Cap
Novyn Claw Slippers
Novyn Ghost Costume
Ori Ghost Costume
Painfully Vibrant Rose Bracelet
Party Ridix Feather Boa
Pinata Earmuffs
Pinata Lone Sock
Plumber Brother Costume
Reading Glasses
Ridix Paw Slippers
Royal Fur Cape
Sapphire Circlet
Scarab Amulet
Sewing Hair Pins
Sharshel Foot Slippers
Sharshel Ghost Costume
Shimmer Powder
Simulation Emerald
Space Lone Sock
Space Sharshel Hat
String of Pearls
Team Blue Audril Foam Finger
Team Blue Audril Hat
Team Green Trido Foam Finger
Team Green Trido Hat
Team Red Dovu Foam Finger
Team Red Dovu Hat
Team Yellow Sharshel Foam Finger
Team Yellow Sharshel Hat
Thinking Cap
Toon Costume
Trido Foot Slippers
Trido Lotion
Trivvy Bowtie
Wulfer Ghost Costume
Xephyr Ghost Costume
Yellow Beanie
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Yellow Rainboots
Yellow Raincoat
Yellow Wulfer Hat
Zabeu Ghost Costume

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