Top 50 Shops

Only the largest 50 stores in Terrafrost are displayed here. So if you would like to get more coverage for your shop, don't forget to upgrade!

Size Name Owner About
1369 Shopping Mall If there is an item in particular you are looking for, just mail me.
778 Plushie Quest Galore Afforable plushies to make the Plushie Quest profitable for us both! ^^
749 Terrafrost
740 Need/Want Chill and do both
628 mike's shop I have no ice points left
600 Speedie's Store! Random stuffs I found around the site.
575 Raving Retailer Quest in happiness with these quality, low-priced items.
554 Buy from nobody!
500 Aiden_Lukes A little bit of everything ...
464 зомби
443 Random items Just some random items in here :D
427 Disruptive's Candy Shop
415 Kitty Kat's Snack Shack If you don't like the price of something just mail me, I may be willing to haggl ...
410 --------------------------- Want to save time doing your Quests ? Bookmark this shop and CTRL+F the item nam ...
400 Ancient Shop
370 --------------------------- Thanks for your continued patronage!
367 Bzzzzt Currently Supplying: Weapons quest, candy quest, some snowman quest items, occas ...
361 This @ That Woodsie travels all about bringing home items from far and wide for others to bu ...
335 THE 89TH CONSTELLATION ~ Space Quest Central ~
319 Wambleeska's Wares
284 Cayleigh's Corner of Chaos YUS! A top 15 shop ^.^ Thanks to all who purchased - every bit helped!! :D
280 PinkScherzy Profit: 8,402,813 iP Items Sold: 1,075 Shop Views: 1,795
272 Shop SixTwentyNine 629
263 A Shop. A shop filled with lots of items. From your every day items to the holiday event ...
260 Junk N' Stuff Questing for profit!
254 Candy Shop. If there is something you are interested in, but cannot afford, check my profile ...
251 Callistos Boutique Thanks to all who buy ^^
250 Random Stuff from Kenny I tend to have more Plushies than anything, but there is a little bit of somethi ...
250 Devil may cry
250 Sale Sale
249 Mongo-Shop NOTICE: If an item is Overpriced, just send me a message so i can modify the pri ...
247 Fifi's Finest Weapons for your Quests, Food, Toys, Stamps and Rare Collectibles are just some ...
230 Iro's Shop This is a place where you'll find the best deals on Icepets for items picked up ...
224 Candy Quest Galore Mainly Candy Quest items, but there might be some others things you like too. D ...
223 Shop of Wonders Profit: 31,153,687 iP Items Sold: 2,119 Shop Views: 3,700
214 Odds and Ends Battle and Candy quest shop plus random treasures!
213 The Express Lane
211 Things and Such
210 Positif
207 My Life Matterz All profits go to me.
206 IceWorld-by-k_liandra :(:(:( SELLING/TRADE ITEMS IN MY GALLERY TOO :):):)
206 Scribble Emporium Price too high? Shoot me a message!
205 The Lair Help fund my stamp and ice cube collection endeavor? Profit: 6,438,356 iP
203 The fear
201 One in a Million
201 Dollar Tree Have a great day ♥
200 My Shop
200 Mystical Mysteries... Profit: 51,160,883 iP Items Sold: 1,920 Shop Views: 3,215
199 baker st !!!!
197 A Shop of Wonder -IceCash Coins for Sale this Month- 500 IceCash Coin - 0/2 1000 IceCash Coin ...