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Awards Ceremony Commence Started by: 15 Replies | 122 Views

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  • July 2, 2019 22:14

Snow Dovu TrophyBronze Trido TrophySilver Sharshel TrophyGold Audril Trophy

After working tirelessly for the past few days, Sqwenda is ready to reveal everyone's prizes! They will make sure to hand out Trophies to everyone who participated, so head to your profile to check those out. For our winning Team, Sqwenda is awarding them a special Hidden Avatar along with some other prizes.

Team Contest Winner Avatar

We had some pretty steep competition and our shopkeepers will be busy at work cleaning up their stores and rearranging their shelves. But, this has given Sqwenda plenty of time to hand out prizes! Starting with Team prizes...

Team Blue Audril Stockpal

In 1st Place, all the members of Team Blue Audril have been awarded:
- 750 Team Contest Winner Credits (TCWC)
- 750 Team Blue Audril Credits (TBAC)
- 300 credits of the other three Teams
- 1 User or Pet Collection Item of your choice
- 1 random pose-changing Morphing Potion

Team Yellow Sharshel Stockpal

In 2nd Place, all the members of Team Yellow Sharshel have been awarded:
- 600 Team Yellow Sharshel Credits (TYSC)
- 200 credits of the other three Teams
- 1 User or Pet Collection Item of your choice placed directly into your collection
- 1 random pose-changing Morphing Potion

Team Green Trido Stockpal

In 3rd Place, all the members of Team Green Trido have been awarded:
- 500 Team Green Trido Credits (TGTC)
- 200 credits of the other three Teams
- 1 random pose-changing Morphing Potion

Team Red Dovu Stockpal

In 4th Place, all the members of Team Red Dovu have been awarded:
- 400 Team Red Dovu Credits (TRDC)
- 150 credits of the other three Teams
- 1 random pose-changing Morphing Potion

Winner TCG Card

Following the individual reward system, anyone who restocked over 1,000 Items will be rewarded an extra 50 Team Credits for each of the four Teams, plus 20 Team Credits for every additional 1,000 Items restocked.

Sqwenda is rewarding a bonus 100 Team Contest Winner Credits for everyone who restocked over 2,000 Items, a bonus 200 Team Contest Winner Credits for over 4,000 Items restocked, and a bonus 300 Team Contest Winner Credits for over 6,000 Items restocked. Sqwenda also wants to give a big thank-you for everyone who participated!

Members of Team Blue Audril and Team Yellow Sharshel should message Nexinhah with your Collection Item choice.
Remember -- Team Blue Audril members get their Items in their inventory, while Team Yellow Sharshel members get them directly in their collection. You have until July 31st to message Nexinhah with your prize choice.

Team Blue Audril ScarfTeam Green Sharshel ScarfTeam Red Dovu ScarfTeam Yellow Sharshel Scarf

Sqwenda has a special prize for those who put extra effort into this Contest! Our top restockers of each Team get an additional 300 Team Contest Winner Credits.

- @gravity172 from Team Blue Audril with 26,389 restocks
- @Fearless from Team Yellow Sharshel with 18,301 restocks
- @Gifted from Team Green Trido with 12,338 restocks
- @whereisthend from Team Red Dovu with 10,113 restocks

Golden Competitor Stamp

In addition, the top three restockers of the entire contest have been awarded the Golden Competitor Stamp:

- @gravity172 from Team Blue Audril
- @Fearless from Team Yellow Sharshel
- @Nati from Team Yellow Sharshel

Decked Out Burger

If you are looking to spend your newly-won Team Contest Credits, head over to the Team Contest Shop to see the new stock for this year!

Congratulations to everyone! Thank you all for participating, and we hope you join us again next time.

Don't forget forget to clear out your Inventory by July 6th at 23:59:59 IcePets Time! At that time, Inventories will go back to their usual size and removing Items after that point could become more difficult (though you will not lose Items if you do leave them).

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  • July 2, 2019 22:15
Well done, everyone!

Well done, Blue Audril <3

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  • July 2, 2019 23:33
Congrats everybody! :)

So, the User or Pet Collection item... that's stuff like the Ice Cubes, Plushies, Books, Gourmet Food, etc, right? Are there any restrictions besides the item having to be on one of those categories? I don't think my team was able to choose one last year so this is new for me :D

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  • July 3, 2019 00:22
Okay so I'm do I get my prizes? I went to my profile but I don't have a trophy, nor are there any prizes in my inventory (this is my first contest so I apologize if I sound stupid)

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  • July 3, 2019 02:25
With 17,400 Items bought, I really thought I was a lock for that top Team Yellow Sharshel spot! So very proud to be on a team with a BOSS like @Fearless (*)(*)(*)

Huge shout out to the rest of the Team as well!
Thanks for all the hardwork y’all <3

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  • July 3, 2019 05:28
We got some awesome prized for second place. And you are right @Nati, we did have an amazing team, Congrats to all the top restockers.

E: I bought Decked Out Burger from the Team Contest Shop thinking it was Gourmet Food, because of the description in Search. But when I wanted to put it in the Gourmet collection it wasn't listed there. I don't believe I ever saw that description before.

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  • July 3, 2019 09:24
DerpyFox As mentioned in the news, there was a minimum number of restocks required to be considered as participating, and thus be eligible for prizes. I just checked our records, and you did not meet this requirement. If you have further questions, I encourage you to create a Support Ticket.

irissa, Decked Out Burger should now be a Gourmet! Thank you for pointing this out.

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  • July 3, 2019 11:50
@atryeu Indeed! :) You can pick *any* item. If someone does manage to think of something to make us hesitate, we'd hash it out but so far the sky is the limit!

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  • July 3, 2019 13:03
Congrats to Team Blue Sharshel for an epic win!

Prizes are amazing as always. Love the new items.

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  • July 3, 2019 17:53
@IcePrincess Okay, thank you :D I didn't know if there were restrictions on choosing a collection item that was originally an IC item or something and stuff like that I guess. I'll go through my list this weekend when I have more time. My brother and his son are here for the week from the other side of the country :D

Also, yay! I see the avatar was awarded sometime late last night or this morning now too. It hadn't been before I went to bed but I see it now :D

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  • July 3, 2019 18:53
Congrats to Team Blue Audril and the other top restockers!

And thanks everyone from Yellow Sharshel for your hard work:)

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  • July 3, 2019 20:44
@Nexinhah Well that blows...I knew I should've not been so lazy with this event >_<. But I'm used to restock wars on other sites giving trophies to everyone who joins, even if they don't actually participate

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  • July 4, 2019 08:32
@DerpyFox Now you know, and I am sure you will do great next time! I look forward to it!!

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  • July 6, 2019 02:40
Hmm' sorry but I never saw that before.

What is a random pose-changing Morphing Potion?

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  • July 6, 2019 13:26
@gravity172 Any morphing potion :)